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Home Renovation

Lotus Works Construction: Home Renovation

Are you considering a home renovation? Lotus Works Construction has 30 years of experience in construction, design, and vintage and modern California home renovation. We specialize in creating modern designs for today's lifestyles.

At Lotus Works Construction, we collaborate with clients to envision a home renovation that transforms your house into an efficient and beautiful extension of your personality. Our design service includes home renovation, installing new appliances, fixtures, railings, flooring, countertops, and tile. We design and install built-in cabinetry and help you pick consistent color combinations, fixtures, and other details throughout your home.

Lotus Works Construction home renovation can include everything from adding shelving and storage to updating your bedrooms and even termite and dry rot restoration. We also do loft and garage conversion, build gates, fences, and design custom garage doors.

If you are thinking about home restoration, get in touch with the experts at Lotus Works Construction for a consultation. Let's make your dream home a reality.

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