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Bathroom Remodel

Lotus Works Construction: Bathroom Remodel

Where a kitchen remodel is about efficiency, a bathroom remodel is about comfort and elegance. Lighting is a massive part of a bathroom remodel. You might need bright lights for applying makeup and personal hygiene. On the other hand, ambient and adjustable lighting can set the atmosphere for a relaxing soak in the bathtub.

Lotus Works Construction collaborates with clients to create a bathroom remodel that fits your lifestyle and personal style. We can help you transform your bathroom into an efficient and beautiful refuge where you can destress.

Whether it's custom cabinets, tile, trim, wainscoting, or a little more space in your bathroom, we take great care to blend the old and new in your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Our design service includes remodeling details like built-in cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, railings, countertops, consistent color combinations, flooring, and tile.

At Lotus Works Construction, we draw on our experience renovating vintage and modern California homes. We blend old and new with superior attention to detail. Are you ready to get started? Please contact us for a consultation.

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